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Interactive Dinner Parties

Gather your friends for a party everyone will remember!  You are sure to have a good time with an Interactive Dinner Party.  Good Life Food & Events will provide all the ingredients, and then you and your guests will have a hands-on cooking lesson guided by Chef Valerie as you prepare the entire menu.  After the cooking is complete, everyone will sit down to enjoy the delicious food while your kitchen is being cleaned.  Not only will guests learn valuable cooking techniques and indulge in a wonderful meal, they get to go home with all the recipes! 

"I hired Chef Valerie for an Interactive Dinner Party for 14 people, thinking it would be a great alternative to a traditional dinner party.  It turned out fabulous!  From the menu planning to the actual event, I can't speak more highly of the quality of the food and of the total experience.  Good Life Food & Events provides everything you need, with a little help from the host dish cupboard. Chef Valerie and her assistant, who kept our kitchen spotless throughout the evening, helped us maintain a comfortable pace that made the evening truly delightful.  Valerie's cooking instruction was valuable and fun--this is not Hell's Kitchen!  We all enjoyed our delicious 5 course meal; and, for the price, you can't do it any better, anywhere!  In the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, with 5-star food and friends, it was a great time.  I highly recommend Chef Valerie and Good Life Food & Events to anyone with culinary interests and a taste for excellence."

David Struck, Danville
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